That Great Love Sound//The Raveonettes

Think of a perfect blend of the Jesus and Mary Chain and elements of 50’s/60’s  rock & roll and you will get The Raveonettes. I just adore this danish duo. Luuuv this video of them trying to “off” one another.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

so I walk right up to you
and you walk all over me
and I ask you what you want
and you tell me what you need
can’t you feel it all come down
can’t you hear it all around
at the place where lost is found
that great love sound

2003, Chain Gang of Love


Doggone it!

01. ring | 02. car seat cover | 03. trench coat | 04. salt & pepper shakers | 05. bookends | 06. collar | 07. stapler | 08. mid-century dog house | 09. moccasins

Even though I have a cat I also luuuv dogs. In fact our family pet is a very sweet and smart jack russell/corgi mix that my stepdad rescued from the mean streets of East L.A. We like to pretend “Cosmo” is a tough street smart dog but in reality he really is a softie…I heart him so much! Since I did a page dedicated to all things felines, it’s only right for me to do one for doggies!!

But Not Tonight//Depeche Mode

1986, Modern Girls OST

The moon
Is shining in the sky
Reminding me
Of so many other nights
When my eyes have been so red
I’ve been mistaken for dead
But not tonight

Interesting tidbit, according to Wikipedia:

“The band’s U.S. label Sire Records decided to use the B-side “But Not Tonight” in the soundtrack to the movie Modern Girls and included the song on US editions of Black Celebration. As a result, the single was flipped, and released as “But Not Tonight” in the United States. The single did not chart. The band was not happy with this decision, seeing “But Not Tonight” as a useless poppy track recorded in less than a day.”

Aww, I totally luv this song! I don’t find it as a “useless poppy track” at all!!

Lucian Freud (1922-2011)

Lucian Freud, one of Britain’s most distinguished and highly-regarded figurative painter, has died at his home in London aged 88. Born in Berlin in 1922, Freud came to Britain with his family in 1933, when he was 10. He was the grandson psychoanalysis founder Sigmund Freud.

He is best known for his fleshy nudes and his often brutal portraits of the flesh. It was never flattering, often depicting every fold, every wrinkle, and every bulge. He painted the body as he saw them.

Lucian Freud was pretty much the rockstar of figurative painting when I was going to art school. EVERYONE in my class wanted to paint like him. To see his paintings in person is jaw-dropping. I remember being in London at one of his exhibits and just staring at the paintings with all its textures and layers of paint. He was truly an inspiring painter.

Welcome Spotify!

Whoooooot! I was fortunate enough to know someone in Sweden to hook me up with Spotify a few years back but it was a pain to always have him log in for me every few weeks over there for me to access my account here. That is why I am soooo happy that Spotify is finally here in America. I’ve tried Rdio and listen to Pandora in the car but Spotify is still my favourite out of all of them.

In Spotify you can browse through millions of songs, create and download your own playlists, and discover other artists in the process. Right now I pay $4.99/mo to listen to music right away on my computer AND without ads (what I hate about Pandora). For $9.99/mo you can listen to high-quality music on your computer and iPhone. There’s an offer for a free version but you will have to wait to receive an invitation which I think is a waste of time.

I just like the fact that I now don’t have to bog down my computer with all my mp3s and I can enjoy listening to countless songs all day long. This is definitely worth the money if you enjoy your freedom to browse and listen to whatever you wish and not be disrupted by ads.

Graphite Love

Whoa, whoa, and whoa! Dalton Ghetti is an artist from Connecticut that carves amazing teeny tiny sculptures from pencil lead. Artists usually use pencils as a tool for their craft, never the other way around. These tiny sculptures blew me away, I mean LOOK AT THE DETAILS!!

Apparently Ghetti has never sold a piece, he only gives them as gifts to friends. Three basic tools are used for his creations, a razor, a needle, and a sculpting knife. A standard piece may take him a few months to carve and the longest he ever spent on a piece was two and a half years.

Read more about this amazing artist here.


What a great way to do your part for the environment AND look good at the same time!

I use to wear watches all the time. Now in the era of mobiles and smartphones, I noticed I haven’t worn one in years. I’ve been wanting to get back in the groove of wearing a watch and these by WeWood are wonderful. They have partnered up with American Forests, the nation’s oldest nonprofit conservation organization and a world leader in environmental restoration for their dedicated tree-planting efforts. Basically for every WeWood watch sold, a tree is planted.

They are currently sold-out but if you place your order now you will get 10% off your backorder. Hmm, just which one to get…