The reality behind Instagram

Omg, hilarious!


Even though I find this absolutely funny I still like Instagram. Not only does it make people want to take more pictures and be creative, it is also a great platform for networking(minus the pretentious pics you will come across).

Read Drew Hoolhorst’s take on it here.

Who Can Say//The Horrors

*2009, Primary Colours

I never meant for you to get hurt
And how I tried, oh how I tried
I could never give you just what you deserved
Another man would surely learn

I know these words
They only serve to twist the knife
But I’ll strive to make them heard
Maybe it’s better now I’ve gone away
Maybe it’s not, oh who can say

And though it’s hard for me to say
I know you’re better off this way

And when I told her
I didn’t love her anymore, she cried
And when I told her
Her kisses were not like before, she cried

And when I told her
Another girl had caught my eye, she cried
And then I kissed her
With a kiss that could only mean goodbye

And though it’s hard for me to say
Maybe you’re better off this way
And though it’s hard for me to say
I know you’re better off this way

Get away, get away
Get away, get away
Get away, get away

Beauty//Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

Wow, pretty hypnotizing. I can’t stop looking…

“The idea of Beauty is born from the desire to (convey) the main emotions that every person encounters throughout his life path,” says Tagliafierro. “Classical art has always attracted my most intense emotions, so I decided to (let it) represent them.”

The resulting project, Beauty, is a tour through the human life cycle—from birth to death—that draws on those classical paintings to tell that story in an absorbing way. By adding subtle animation to the artworks he chose, Tagliafierro actively depicts the motion that’s only ever implied in the original pieces. The result is a stunning, haunting series of moving images that makes the work feel alive in different—often surreal—ways.


Wants01. Harem pants(I know guys hate them on us but I luv them!) • 02. shorts • 03. tee • 04. leopard sneaks • 05. sunglasses pouch

Mid-80s today and possibly close to 90° tomorrow, it really doesn’t feel like January but summer for us here in LA. This crazy weather has me all messed up, did we even have a proper winter?! Was Christmas really last month? Why am I wearing shorts and a tank when it’s JANUARY and why did I buy that coat last month?!


Gosh, the year went by fast! 2013 came and went and although there were some happy times, I am glad to say goodbye to it and begin 2014. It’s funny how we all wait till January to set goals and plan our futures. Shouldn’t we do that throughout the year? All I know is I need and want change, both in my career and in my personal life. Here’s to 2014, a year with no regrets and exciting experiences!!

Btw, here are my fondest December memories in a nutshell (since I never blogged that whole month!).


* I just had to add this… Disneyland during the holidays is truly magical and beautiful. I had loads of fun as usual but hated how crowded it was. Anyway, when we were waiting in line at the Matterhorn, we spotted Jason Bateman and his group sneak pass all us fools in line. Then later we spotted Zoe Saldana and her husband do the same. Yes, I know these are the perks of being a celebrity but man does that blow when you’ve been standing in line for 2 hours, yes TWO hours. Jason Bateman refused to look at anyone and I believe it was because of GUILT. I’m also going to add that Jason had a Disneyland escort usher him throughout the park. I mean seriously, I like him and enjoy most of his movies but YOU AIN’T NO BRAD PITT! No one is going to hound you or swarm around you or your family.

Later as we were making our way to Space Mountain my sister and I spotted none other than Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead. That was actually my highlight since I am a huge fan of the show and let me add this too, Steven had NO escort nor did he act like he was better than anyone else. Luv ya Glenn!!