The Walkmen//The Observatory

Woot! The show I saw this past Saturday at the Observatory was AHHMAZING!! I just luv the Walkmen so much and was pleasantly surprised at them playing so many of their old songs from the first two albums as well as their songs from the current spectacular, Heaven. The venue was pretty awesome, the sound was great, and we had a perfect view with no one in front of us. The only negative about the venue would be the air or lack of.  Saturday night was pretty hot in the O.C. and it felt like a friggn’ sauna in there. They really should’ve blast the AC for us but other than that the night was perfect.

The pic I took with my phone really doesn’t do it any justice at all. I was much closer than this, hahaha. Hamilton Leithauser is one terrific singer. He sings his heart out to each song and never once does his voice crack. I highhhhhly recommend seeing them live, you will not be disappointed.