Tokyo, Japan

I spent the last of my trip in Japan and it was by far the best part of my trip. Tokyo is so fun, so clean, so stylish, and the people are polite polite polite. I loved everything about Tokyo. I miss Japan immensely and the next time I go back I plan on going to Kyoto and other parts of Japan that’s away from the big city to fully engulf  it’s culture & beauty.


Best tofu I had ever eaten, texture like silk and bathed in clam broth

Funny illustration on the menu. We ordered this yummy tempura dish.

they sure do love their arcades

no words can describe how tastey this fish was, mmMMmm

this “pancake” was like a souffle and tasted heavenly!



Chikan, Kaiping – China

During my week stay in Hong Kong I was invited to tag along with my father on one of his business trips into China. The client is a denim factory in Kaiping, which is located in southern China. The tour through the denim factory was fascinating on so many levels. Seeing the whole process from start to finish made me realize why some jeans costs $400. I was afraid to witness some sort of slave labor or child working in this factory but I am happy to report that this factory is legit. Everything is very orderly and clean. No one seemed to be mistreated, lol.

Located half an hour away from the denim factory is Chikan, Kaiping,  the city my great-grandfather is from. I remember my father telling me stories about how there are fortress-like buildings in the town and how some of them looked like castles.

Made in Hong Kong

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been away in Asia for most of December and came back just in time for Christmas.

I haven’t been back to Hong Kong in 6 years so it was about time to pay a visit again. I like to describe to people who haven’t been to Hong Kong that it’s like New York on speed. It’s a fun place to visit, amazing food, and spectacular shopping. Luckily for me my father lives there so going back is very convenient for me.

I tried looking for some interesting street art in HK but all I found, (at least in Causeway Bay), was a few wheatpaste art. There was a fantastic art installation in Times Square featuring Taiwanese illustrator/author, Jimmy Liao. His characters were brought to life in three-dimensional form. It was a really fun and magical installation.

wheatpaste art, Causeway Bay

graffiti art, Causeway Bay

wheatpaste art, Causeway Bay