Peanut Butter Dynamite

I know I said owls have been replaced but check these rugs out, aren’t they adorable?

you can find them here.

Nickle Diner

Whoa, I didn’t know they had bacon maple donuts?! At first I wasn’t so sure if I liked them or not but after awhile they tasted quite yummy. I’m always a sucker for anything with bacon. The Smac and Cheese is also very good and how cute is the name of my soda pop??




bubble up



The September Issue

Just saw this tonight and luved it:


It was truly fascinating on so many levels. I especially liked Grace Coddington, a former model, who is the creative director at Vogue and the true heart of the documentary. Her passion, creativity, and spunk won me over.

and how awesome is this clip of Andre playing tennis with an obnoxiously large LV towel?!