Mark Powell

London-based artist Mark Powell uses vintage envelopes as his canvas for his highly detailed drawings. His tool, a standard Bic Biro pen. Check out more of his amazing work on his website.

Heaven//The Walkmen

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. My only excuse is I’m just a lazy blogger and I’m really trying to finish this painting I’ve promised for my sister. One good thing is I’ve been listening to a lot of music as I paint away(one of my favorite things to do). I didn’t even realize that The Walkmen came out with a new album! Nevertheless I luv it and am stoked that now I can add my playlists from Spotify onto my blog.

I am a huge fan of theirs and on Heaven you can see how far this band have come along. The Walkmen’s sound has been slowly maturing as evident in their last two albums. This is them being happy and being grown-ups, and I’m okay with that.

Listen to Heaven now.

Lazy Line Painter Jane//Belle & Sebastian

I luuuv it when she starts to sing!

1997, Lazy Line Painter Jane EP

Let’s see your kit for games
All the girls look the same
You are challenging style for running miles
You’re running miles in some boy’s jumper

Boo to the business world!
You know a girl who’s tax free
On her back and making plenty cash
While you are working for the joy of giving

You will have a boy tonight
You will have a boy tonight
On the last bus out of town
On the last bus out of town
You will have a boy tonight
You will have a girl tonight
And you hope that they will see
And you hope that they will see

I had the day off but only because I’m sick. I’ll be nursing this cold this weekend and hopefully finish a painting I promised for my sister. I’m hoping to give it to her by the time of her graduation.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone, hope it’s more exciting than mine!

Tonight I Have to Leave It//Shout Out Louds

2007, Our Ill Wills

Don’t come up to me and say you like it.
It’s better if you say you hate it, that’s the truth exactly.
When we go out dancing I don’t want to be bothered,
I just want to be bothered with real love.

So I heard it’s no good to run,
but it feels so much better now that it’s done
and tonight I have to leave it.

So I’ve heard you know how to write it,
does it mean you’re good at putting things on paper?
Rumours say that you’re very sorry.
Oh no you’re not sorry, no you’re not.

So I heard it’s no good to run,
but it feels so much better now that it’s done
and tonight I have to leave it.

Why don’t you give love?
Why don’t you give love?

Tonight I have to leave it.

Jamaica & Labadee

While in Jamaica we went to the Green Grotto Caves in Discovery Bay, St. Ann and the Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios.

Our tour started at the Dunn’s River Falls first. This was probably one of the most memorable experiences on our trip. Your guide leads you up the waterfall in a human chain. When I heard we may be holding hands with complete strangers I was completely turned off. This attraction sounded so cheesy and touristy that I was really hesitant. Boy was I wrong! I luved every second of it. There were parts of the climb that was a real challenge, especially when the rushing icy cold water hits you. This is when I realized I didn’t care who was holding my hand, I just needed someone to hold me, lol!

*photo taken off web.

My mother forgot our waterproof cameras so there were no photos taken at the falls. I don’t even know if I would have taken any photos because I had to concentrate really hard to balance on the rocks and we were all holding hands with one another. I got so many bruises from climbing and falling into some of the pools but it was totally worth it. The Dunn’s River Falls was incredibly fun and beautiful. It’s one of the very few waterfalls in the world that actually empties directly into the sea.

When we were finished with the falls we headed towards Discovery Bay to the Green Grotto Caves. This was also very cool and fun. Also known as Runaway Bay Caves, it was at one time a hideaway for Arawak Indians, Spaniards, runaway slaves, smugglers and pirates.

I was seeing faces in all the rock formations. I would be creeped out if I was hiding in these caves.

One last thing, don’t forget to try a “pattie” when in Jamaica. Ours was made by Tastee and was delicious!

mmm, beef & cheese is the way to go!

The next day we headed to Labadee, a private port owned by Royal Caribbean on the northern coast of Haiti. This I was really hesitant to like. A part of me felt guilty knowing we are in this beautiful resort while on the other side lived poverty. I was relieved to find out that RCC donates money to Haiti and provide jobs to Haitians. They are given jobs at Labadee and locals sell their goods there.

My experience at Labadee was wonderful until it started raining and our stay was cut short. We had access to our own private beach so finding a spot was not a problem for us. We had a sweet spot on the beach and swam out. The waters were warm, clear, and calm.

We also went on a really fun roller coaster ride. The Dragon Tail Coaster looked harmless in person and I thought it was just a kiddie ride but I was wrong. The ride is an alpine slide ride that takes you about 680 ft high. The ride twists and turns at about 30 miles/hr through a mountainside forest. The views are very pretty, on one side the forest and on the other the sea.

Grand Cayman Islands

Goodbye Miami and hello Caymans!

We had to take a tender boat to get onto shore and then from there take a drive to our destination.

The Cayman’s waters was absolutely beautiful. I kept pinching myself at what I was seeing. It’s my first time in the Caribbean and seeing waters this crystal clear was surreal and so inviting. I just wanted to dive in and that’s A LOT coming from me since I have a bit of a fear of what’s in the ocean.

I have never gone snorkeling and was advised to put on a life vest on since our waters were a bit choppy that day. Unfortunately all our underwater pics came out blurry because of the rough waters.

I look so discombobulated in this picture because just minutes before I was whacked to the side of the boat by the choppy waters.

Snorkeling was tons of fun even though at times it was challenging. I couldn’t believe I was swimming in the Barrier Reef and seeing all the different corals and fishes I only have seen at the aquarium.

When our snorkeling was done we hopped back onto the boat and headed to Stingray City. Stingray City is located in the shallow waters of the northwest corner of Grand Cayman’s North Sound. This was reallllllly cool. We all got to hold a giant stingray and feed them squid. There are also lots of other stingrays of all sizes swimming all around you. I definitely advise going here if you are in the Caymans.

I had held this squid for the longest time since no stingrays wanted to eat it. The stingrays were just not hungry I guess so I decided to be silly with it.

The view from our balcony after a fantastic day at the Cayman Islands, a great ending!