Everything is Hazy

ryan berkley

This illustration by Ryan Berkley is just too awesome to not share. Pineapple Express is one of my favorite go-to movie for great laughs. My sister and I are constantly referencing and quoting from it. I guess it’s one of those movies that you either love or hate, and for me it’s a big LOVE! Hahaha, serious guilty pleasure.

Also check out Berkley’s Flickr page.

Nick Knight: Flora

I only know of Nick Knight as the acclaimed fashion photographer and was surprised to see these beautiful series of floral still lifes by him. Knight shot photographs and exposed the prints to heat and water during the printing process, creating a painterly look. The results are quite gorgeous.





All pictures Nick Knight. Read more @Trendland.

The Huntington Library

My sister has become somewhat of a “succulent whisperer” lately. She has babied and collected an impressive lot of it at home and I wanted to take her to The Huntington Library to check out their lovely desert garden. I’ve been to The Huntington a few times before but I never got the chance to check out their amazing desert garden. If you like desert plants and succulents I highly recommend checking The Huntington out. There are so many different varieties of plants there, some I have never seen before. I also suggest going early because their gardens are quite large and it will take time to walk from one to another.

desert garden

We spent so much time on the desert side that we barely had enough time (before they closed) to check out the Shakespeare garden, japanese garden, and chinese gardens. The Huntington Library is a must go or a visit if you are in So-Cal. It is so lovely!


*of course my sister and I did not miss the opportunity to ham it up!