HK Rewind

My trip here in Hong Kong is sadly coming to an end. A part of me is ready to go back home but I always feel sad leaving my father and his wife who I don’t see often. The weather is finally warm again and very very humid (which I hate), so going home is actually perfect timing.

Today we are all going for Thai food for lunch and afterward I think I may go to Stanley Market. I know it’s a total touristy thing to do but of all the years I’ve been visiting HK I don’t believe I’ve ever visited it. I had read it used to be a fishing village back in the day and now it’s mostly restaurants and shopping stalls. Anyway, maybe I can get some good shots whilst I’m there.

Happy Feet

Hong Kong is seriously a shopper’s paradise. My friend often teases me about my absurd collection of shoes but there is no way I am to leave HK without some killer shoes. I cannot wait to bring these babies back home.

I was so stoked to find the third ones from the left side. They reminded me of these beauties that I’ve been eyeing forever from A.B.K.

Prince Edward

Today I traveled into Kowloon, Prince Edward area and visited the Flower Market, Bird Market, and Goldfish Market. I luved the Bird Market. It’s actually quite cute seeing grown men so passionate about their birds. They really do love them and treat them like royalty. Some of the shop owners didn’t like that I was taking photographs so most of my pictures were taken “guerrilla” style.

The Bird Market was truly a lovely experience. The market is filled with the chirping sounds of all the birds. I couldn’t help but feel these birds will probably be better off out of the cages but seeing how loving some of the owners were made me feel better.

I just adore Lovebirds, they are sooooo sweet to look at!

Just a few blocks away from the Bird Market is the Goldfish Market. There were all different sorts of fishes for sale. I must’ve seen thousands of goldfishes today.

After I was done with the Goldfish Market I made my way towards Mongkok. On the way there I passed by Fa Yuen Market. It was so-so. Mostly cheap clothes, kid’s toys, fruits, and food stalls. Tomorrow I’m heading back to Western Market area to have lunch with the family and to do more shopping.


Day 4

Today I wandered all over Hong Kong Island from Sheung Wan to Central ON FOOT mind you, looking for more street art. The weather was gloomy with bouts of light rain at times. I discovered many alley ways and small streets today and like the day before, I am quite knackered now. I even made it back to Causeway Bay and walked a bit more but now as I type this my legs feel like it’s made out of jelly.

I really enjoyed looking for all the street art. It felt like I was on a treasure hunt or looking for easter eggs. Some of them were quite hidden and I was so happy to find a few by Pez! I believe the following shots were taken around Sheung Wan, Central Market area and up towards Hollywood Road and Soho.

Man Mo Temple, the smell of all the incense coils was overpowering.

These shots were taken closer in the Central, Lan Kwai Fong area…I think. I was seriously all over the place, meandering up and down streets.

I finally made it back to Causeway Bay area where I had two of my favorite things to snack on, a mango sago drink & egg waffles, mmMMMmm!

3 days in…

I am now finally adjusting into Hong Kong time. The flight in totally exhausted me and just everything in my life right now is making me mentally and physically tired. BUUUUUUUUT I am expecting a reboot from this trip in Hong Kong. I don’t get to see my father and his wife often so when I’m here, it’s really really nice.

Usually the beginning of my stay here is filled with lunch and dinner plans with my family and father’s friends. I was able to tear away from family obligations yesterday and went walking around Wan Chai and Causeway Bay. All I can say is, coming from LA where I drive everywhere, walking in Hong Kong is TIRING! My feet and shins hurt at the end of the day.

I’m on the hunt for some street art and I was able to find some in Causeway Bay on Tang Lung Street. I think they are okay…after seeing the ones in Barcelona and Melbourne, the ones in HK really cannot compare to those places. I’m heading off into Central and Kowloon side today for more street art. I think I may find better ones today.

With Love

The sun’s rays fell on this pillow the other day as it was setting, no joke. It must be the perfect picture to post for today. I’m leaving for Hong Kong tonight for two weeks but I still plan on posting whilst I’m there. Have a lovely V-day everyone!