Bon Iver on Stephen Colbert

Justin Vernon & Co. made their appearance earlier this week on Stephen Colbert. They sang “Calgary” and “Skinny Love”. Check out the funny interview Justin had with Colbert and learn a little about Justin..gosh, Colbert cracks me up!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hahaha, “downward pigeon”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Back To The Future

What a fun way of recreating old photographs! I luv these portraits by Buenos Aires photographer Irina Werning. In her “Back To The Future” series, she takes someone’s old photo and accurately recreates the same scenario with the same person many years later.

What an excellent job at recreating these old photographs with the fine details, color balancing, and image quality.

See more of Werning’s work here.

Seafoam Love

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A., the only excuse I have is my work. I’m not complaining though, I WELCOME any work I can get but sometimes freelancing can be draining. I don’t get the 9-5 hours like some others do. Instead there are days where I am up till 3a working on a project, especially if it is a client overseas. Anyways…it feels weird getting back into blogging. Not like I had AMAZING things to post all the time but it was nice not stressing about what I would post for the day.

I just thought I’d post what I like the most–my wants!! Easy & fun. I luv this color, seafoam, seabreeze, borderline turquoise & mint green, whatever you like to call it. Heck turquoise is my stone, perhaps that’s why I gravitate towards this color.

1. blouse || 2. necklace || 3. planter || 4. bicycle || 5. shoes ||6. bow || 7. necklace || 8. watch || 9. pillow

Friendly Fires

Woohoo, I’m finally going to see Friendly Fires tomorrow night at the Music Box!!

I’ve only really given their latest, Pala, one listen. I dunno, there are some songs I really like but I find the whole album a little too club poppy for me, perhaps I have to give it a proper listen. I really liked their 2008 debut, Friendly Fires, and missed out seeing them live when they were here a few years back. It should be a fun and energetic show no matter what, guess I should bring out my dancing shoes…

East Harlem//Beirut

Whoot!! Beirut is back with a limited 7″ vinyl that features new single, “East Harlem”, which Zach Condon and company plan on selling on their tour.

*okay, how cute is this picture?? I luuuv that dog’s face in the middle and the one with the wonky eyes at the bottom!