Gosh, what happened to the sunny Cali weather today?? Thank goodness I discovered Cults on Gorilla vs. Bear. They are a New York based duo whose music sounds like sun-kissed 60’s dream-pop. Go to their Bandcamp page to download 3 free songs now!

On a side note, I think it’s funny how they use Robert Longo’s art on the singles. Maximo Park uses Longo’s art too on their covers and so did Dirty Vegas. I remember studying Longo’s drawings in my figurative drawing class in art school…ahh, memories…

Michael C. Hsiung

I’ve been a fan of artist Michael C. Hsiung for a while now. I find his drawings utterly charming and amusing. His art never fails to put a smile on my face.

Mad Men

This is hilarious, I had no idea they made Mad Men dolls!

Joanie is my favorite, such a goddess!

I cannot wait for AMC’s Mad Men to return. It is definitely one of my favorite shows to watch. Where else can you see flawless looking women in beautiful dresses, cocktails & cigarettes in the office, and the furniture…omg, the furniture!! Oh, and staring at Jon Hamm for an hour doesn’t hurt also. Working on the set of this show must be a dream job.

Friday love

It’s going to be a warm & glorious weekend here in LA. Even though I am more of a winter type kinda girl, I cannot help but feel happy that the good ol’ California weather is back! Also this Sunday is the LA Marathon and I will like to give a shout out to my cousins who are running it, they are badasses for sure!!

Foals: Spanish Sahara

I loved Foals’ 2008 album Antidote and am so happy to know their new album will drop on our shores May 10th. This is the first single off of  Total Life Forever. “Spanish Sahara” sounds like an extreme departure from their post-punk sounds but I like it. This song starts off slow and haunting but picks up midway through into their usual explosive sounds.