Arts District Printing Co.

Looking at these prints by Arts District Printing Co. makes me want to pack a bag and go.





I also luv all their urban pics.





All of the prints are made on handmade paper using handmade inks from fruit and vegetables, how awesome is that?!


The reality behind Instagram

Omg, hilarious!


Even though I find this absolutely funny I still like Instagram. Not only does it make people want to take more pictures and be creative, it is also a great platform for networking(minus the pretentious pics you will come across).

Read Drew Hoolhorst’s take on it here.

Grand Cayman Islands

Goodbye Miami and hello Caymans!

We had to take a tender boat to get onto shore and then from there take a drive to our destination.

The Cayman’s waters was absolutely beautiful. I kept pinching myself at what I was seeing. It’s my first time in the Caribbean and seeing waters this crystal clear was surreal and so inviting. I just wanted to dive in and that’s A LOT coming from me since I have a bit of a fear of what’s in the ocean.

I have never gone snorkeling and was advised to put on a life vest on since our waters were a bit choppy that day. Unfortunately all our underwater pics came out blurry because of the rough waters.

I look so discombobulated in this picture because just minutes before I was whacked to the side of the boat by the choppy waters.

Snorkeling was tons of fun even though at times it was challenging. I couldn’t believe I was swimming in the Barrier Reef and seeing all the different corals and fishes I only have seen at the aquarium.

When our snorkeling was done we hopped back onto the boat and headed to Stingray City. Stingray City is located in the shallow waters of the northwest corner of Grand Cayman’s North Sound. This was reallllllly cool. We all got to hold a giant stingray and feed them squid. There are also lots of other stingrays of all sizes swimming all around you. I definitely advise going here if you are in the Caymans.

I had held this squid for the longest time since no stingrays wanted to eat it. The stingrays were just not hungry I guess so I decided to be silly with it.

The view from our balcony after a fantastic day at the Cayman Islands, a great ending!

The Meal//Free Art House Project

It’s really simple, one moment, one meal, one picture. Just snap a pic of yourself and your meal on February 24th, 12pm EST.

Let’s share a meal with thousands of others from around the world!

On February 24th at 12pm Eastern Standard Time, thousands of strangers from around the world will sit down for a bite in unison and capture a shared experience at the exact same time. Take a photograph of yourself with your meal and mail it back to us. These simultaneous snapshots – self-portraits of people and their foods – will be exhibited in our storefront project space and made available online. Our aim is to inspire a feeling of community across geographic and cultural boundaries. So wherever you may be on February 24th at 12pm, keep your camera handy and something delicious nearby – and remember that thousands of strangers, both near and far, are sharing that meal with you.

Participate free here.


Pep Ventosa

Such a neat idea, I’d like to try it.

Reconstructed Works – Originally shot in fragments, the puzzle pieces were then reconstructed one by one and then reworked to create a complete narrative space that never actually happened, where the whole travels mysteriously further than what the camera documented.”

See more of Pep’s work here.

Picture Perfect

A much easier way to snap pictures on your iPhone!

“POPA is the big red button for your iPhone camera. Push POPA onto your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and the free POPA app springs to life so you can start snapping photos like you used to

via Beep Industries