Malin Akerman on School Gardens

Shameless plug but for a good cause.

Malin Akerman is wearing one of my graphics!

To learn more about EMA School Gardens go here.

*pics taken off web here.

Friday love

It’s going to be a warm & glorious weekend here in LA. Even though I am more of a winter type kinda girl, I cannot help but feel happy that the good ol’ California weather is back! Also this Sunday is the LA Marathon and I will like to give a shout out to my cousins who are running it, they are badasses for sure!!

Feeling blue…

Arrrgh, don’t you hate computer problems?? I’m so sad that my MacBook Pro is sick and being serviced as I write. What’s even more horrible is the fact that I thought I saved EVERYTHING on my external but when I checked today all my files are there except my photos! I will be so sad if Apple service decides to wipe out my laptop as they are repairing it, (crossing fingers they don’t). In the meantime I have my old PowerBook that is sadly working like an old snail.

So…in light of my blue mood are all things blue-ish:

clockwise from top left: mociun, jonathan adler pillow, vivienne westwood+melissa shoe, ivana helsinki, maya hayuk ballpoint drawing, nathalie lete, nadinoo, kan fukuda painting, marietta earrings.