Sagaki Keita

Japanese artist, Sagaki Keita, is known for his highly detailed pen & ink illustrations. At first glance you may think you are looking at an intricate illustration of an old classic but upon closer inspection you see details of hundreds and thousands of compact whimsical doodles.

Statue of LIberty1

Statue of Liberty2








I like how he mixes fun and comical doodles into classical subjects, so unexpected and fun!

via Colossal.

Downton Abbey


Here’s something fun for all you Downton Abbey fanatics out there, I only wished I knew about these sooner:


Are you crazy for Downton Abbey like I am? I usually like to save all my episodes and have a day-long marathon of it but I just couldn’t wait this season. I saw the first half of season 3 and am reserving my remaining episodes for this weekend so I will be ready for the finale this Sunday.

You can also take this quiz to find out which DA couple you are! lol, I was “Matthew & Mary”, which are you?


Catch up with DA this Sunday, I believe they will be playing all episodes of Season 3 leading up to the finale on PBS or you can watch it online.

Beck Covers David Bowie’s “Sound And Vision” With A 167-Piece Orchestra

OOOMMMGGG, my head wants to explode out of the awesomeness of this!!! Seriously.

The Hello, Again performance started with an idea – reimagine David Bowie’s classic, “Sound and Vision.” But it became more than another cover. It became an experience that presented a fresh take on the possibilities of the once familiar, for both the audience and  the performers.

Read more about it here.

Okay, how rad is Beck in that sequin jacket?!

Love Like a River//Girls

*2011, Father, Son, Holy Ghost

My love is like a river,
She just keeps on rolling along

No man ever can keep that girl
From moving on
Easy as she comes by,
Easy as she’s gone

Get down, real down,
Crying how I love that girl,
She’s as free as heaven on a breeze

Lay my burden down,
Down by the river’s edge,
There I learned to let my lover be

And don’t you know I’d hold you (hold you, oh yeah)
If I could find a way, (oh yeah, oh yeah)
If I could only catch you, (oooh, catch you, oh yeah)
If only you would stay. (stay, stay)

And don’t you know I want you, (want you, want you)
Baby, baby, baby, baby, stay (stay, yeah)
If I could only love you, (love me)
But girl you keep on
Running away (x3)
Oh oh no no (yeah)

My love is like a river.