Weekend Rewinds

From the past two weeks…

It was hot hot hot a couple of weekends ago when I helped out my friend from Peanut Butter Dynamite at the Renegade Craft Fair. I think I devoured 6 of those popsies our two days working at the fair. I was able to do a little shopping for myself on Sunday and got two rad hanging air plants from Bird and Feather, a spine ring from Verameat, and truffle salt.

Check out Miran’s shop, she and her mother make the cutest pillows and rugs you will ever find!

We decided to stay out in LA and not have to deal with driving back and forth from, Long Beach(me) and Santa Ana(Miran). We stayed in a boutique hotel in Downtown and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice and clean the O Hotel was. For just one night it totally met all our expectations. Our room was clean, the staff was soooo nice and friendly, and the restaurant downstairs was actually pretty good. They also have a pretty decent free continental breakfast for those that are wondering.

This weekend was just relaxing. I visited the family, went to the farmer’s market, and did my best rendition of “Michael Phelps” in the pool. Let me just say I have mad respect for all our olympians. I mean I was OUT OF BREATHE after just 2 laps! (and we are talking about small laps, lol!)

and just because he looked soooo darn cute sitting there on my mantle yesterday:

Renegade Craft Fair – Los Angeles

I will be helping my friend Miran of Peanut Butter Dynamite at her booth this weekend. Check out all the cool and creative handmade things at this outdoor craft fair. Come on by and say hello! I’d luv to meet some of you!!

Peanut Butter Dynamite also has an Etsy store here.

More info on Renegade here.

Renegade Craft Fair

Despite my sore legs and burnt skin,  I mustered what was left of my energy and took my lil’ sissy to the Renegade Craft Fair on Sunday. This time around the fair was at the L.A. Historic Park or what used to be the cornfields next to Chinatown. We had a fun time even though it was all hot and sunny and packed with people. They really should spread them booths out more though, I kept on bumping into people. Natty and I bought a few jewelry pieces but my favorite thing I saw at the fair was this painting:

I mean, family portraits like this are always funny to look at but that blue bunny illustration cracks me up every time I look at it.