Ooh La La

Miss Van’s solo show, Bailarinas, opened at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC recently and I wish I there to check it out. I just luv her cute & sultry poupées (or dolls, in French).

The exhibit runs from May 26 – June 25, 2011.

Black Cat//Broadcast

Broadcast was a great band. Think of them as Stereolab’s edgier and darker sister. So sad that lead singer Trish Keenan passed away last year from pneumonia. She was only 42, RIP.

From their 2005 album, Tender Buttons

Norman Parkinson

Norman Parkinson was a much celebrated British photographer with an eye for style and subtle beauty. He is best known for injecting spontaneous and casual elegance to his images and for redefining fashion photography beyond the stiff formality of others.

Norman Parkinson (1913 – 1990) was the pre-eminent fashion photographer in Great Britain from the late ‘30s until his death in 1990. Born in 1913, Parkinson was apprenticed to a portrait photographer and by the age of twenty-one opened his own studio. He soon began to work for the British edition of Harper’s Bazaar. During the Second World War he served as a reconnaissance photographer over France for the Royal Air Force. Throughout his long career he contributed to many publications, including Vogue, Queen, and Town and Country. Parkinson revolutionised the world of British fashion photography in the ‘40s by bringing his models from the rigid studio environment into a far more dynamic outdoor setting His work became famous for its liveliness, spontaneity and humour, as well as the creative use of his outdoor locations. His work has the ability to capture accurately the spirit of the period in which he is working, always conveying amusement, and joie de vivre. Parkinson always wore a Kashmiri wedding hat while taking photographs, but behind his somewhat eccentric exterior was a sharp mind. As he once commented, ‘The camera can be the most deadly weapon since the assassin’s bullet. Or it can be the lotion of the heart’. Parkinson had a true understanding of fashion, femininity and elegance but always imbued his images with liveliness.


I found this image on the web the other day and was like “rubbing eyes”. Is this real?? If so, then it’s cool. Then I realised I never posted pics from Greece when I was there back in December so here they are.

We went to Piraeus (Athens) and Rhodes. There were cats EVERYWHERE, (much to my delight). We met that cute little orange cat in Rhodes at the Acropolis of all places. It followed us around until a bunch of awful naughty kids threw stones at it. Kids can be so cruel…

Love and Rockets

The 80’s are alive this Friday!!

I loooove Love and Rockets, especially the songs from these two albums.

From their ’86 album, Express and ’87 album, Earth, Sun, Moon.

Paul Alexander Thornton

Simply beautiful. It looks like he draws the skulls straight from his pen without sketching it out first in pencil. If that is the case then he truly is a BADASS in my book.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Check out more of UK artist, Paul Alexander Thornton’s work here. His drawings are ah-mazing!


Sorry about the lack of posts, I’ve been busy working all day long and the last thing I want to do is look at my laptop when I get home.

Anyhoo, cool stuff from Bona Drag, I want them all, especially the summer cloaks by Lindsey Thornburg!