Seafoam Love

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A., the only excuse I have is my work. I’m not complaining though, I WELCOME any work I can get but sometimes freelancing can be draining. I don’t get the 9-5 hours like some others do. Instead there are days where I am up till 3a working on a project, especially if it is a client overseas. Anyways…it feels weird getting back into blogging. Not like I had AMAZING things to post all the time but it was nice not stressing about what I would post for the day.

I just thought I’d post what I like the most–my wants!! Easy & fun. I luv this color, seafoam, seabreeze, borderline turquoise & mint green, whatever you like to call it. Heck turquoise is my stone, perhaps that’s why I gravitate towards this color.

1. blouse || 2. necklace || 3. planter || 4. bicycle || 5. shoes ||6. bow || 7. necklace || 8. watch || 9. pillow


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