Welcome Spotify!

Whoooooot! I was fortunate enough to know someone in Sweden to hook me up with Spotify a few years back but it was a pain to always have him log in for me every few weeks over there for me to access my account here. That is why I am soooo happy that Spotify is finally here in America. I’ve tried Rdio and listen to Pandora in the car but Spotify is still my favourite out of all of them.

In Spotify you can browse through millions of songs, create and download your own playlists, and discover other artists in the process. Right now I pay $4.99/mo to listen to music right away on my computer AND without ads (what I hate about Pandora). For $9.99/mo you can listen to high-quality music on your computer and iPhone. There’s an offer for a free version but you will have to wait to receive an invitation which I think is a waste of time.

I just like the fact that I now don’t have to bog down my computer with all my mp3s and I can enjoy listening to countless songs all day long. This is definitely worth the money if you enjoy your freedom to browse and listen to whatever you wish and not be disrupted by ads.


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