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Baby//Devendra Banhart

July 18, 2014

*2009, What Will We Be

Baby, I finally know what I’m going after
I’m learning to let in all the laughter
Holy moly, you’re so funny
You crack me up, you crack me up
Look out for dreams that keep returning
‘Cause magic in the whim yearning
You feel it, you want it
The way I want you, babe
Traveling by choo-choo train
We know where
We just don’t know when
Like some everlasting onion, that I love
Never heard a better bad joke said out loud
You flip, flap and I wild out
Can you believe it?
I can’t believe it but it’s true
You’re giving eighty billion years of giggling
A whole new world to live in
But this one’s real, this one’s real
This one’s real Like a bow-tied kangaroo
You be one and I’ll be one too
Play it goofy or play it cool
I don’t mind

Everything that happened
You know it don’t mean a thing to us
‘Cause so much is going to happen

Because you showed me
A sunset overflowing
But who cares where it’s going
As long as you’re next to me


July 17, 2014

I discovered french label G. Kero when I first saw that awesome Bowie shirt on Tumblr and that led me to their site and I fell in love with everything I saw. I luv luv luv all the super charming hand-painted artwork of animals  and um, David freaking Bowie!


“G. Kero is a (French) brainchild of an artist Marguerite Bartherotte. Whilst searching for a fresh alternative to traditional gallery canvases, she turned her hands to fashion, reworking t-shirt shirts into hand painted work of art. G. Kero is the result of Bartherotte’s vision to transform high quality fabrics into technicoloured statement pieces.”

G. Kero

Fab Ciraolo

July 10, 2014

Luving these fun illustrations by Chilean illustrator, Fab Ciraolo:







July 8, 2014

wants01. shoes // 02. lipstick // 03. ring // 04. dress // 05. planter

4th of July

July 3, 2014

This is such a cute cake to make for the 4th! Seems easy enough right? Hmmmm…


Get the recipe and step by step via FOOD52. Flagcake gif via BuzzFeed Food.

Happy 4th everyone! Stay cool, relax, and have fun!!


June 27, 2014

Happy Friday guys! I’m going to check this out tomorrow because it’s A). free, B). in Long Beach, and C). um hello ALLAH-LAS!! If you live in LA and have nothing to do Saturday night I suggest checking this out:


I love Allah-Las and their groovy ’60s garage rock, surfer sounds. I’ve never seen them play live before so I’m super stoked to check them out tomorrow night.


I believe the band comes on at 9:30p. For more info go to  Summer and Music.




Corey Lynn Calter

June 18, 2014

Corey Lynn Calter

So excited that my graphics for LA designer Corey Lynn Calter are finally up on her site.  Throw them over your swimsuit or a pair of jeans. These are perfect for the summer!

Check out the other designs and colorways on her site here .


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