Bat them lashes!


Sorry, I have no idea who created this cute illustration of lashes. I just happen to see it when I was looking for inspiration and had to share this!

My lashes are unfortunately not full. I started to use Urban Decay’s Lush Lash System after a friend of mine highly recommended it. Although it did make my lashes grow a lot longer I felt my lashes never became thick enough to my liking. After trying different types of countless mascaras I finally found some that gave me the volume I was looking for and that I can vouch for:


   01. Laura Mercier (this realllly makes my lashes feel fuller)| 02. Lancome (I recommend the waterproof over the non. This also makes my lashes curl really well) | 03. Korres  (for some reason this isn’t selling at Sephora anymore. I received a sample and it works wonderfully) | 04. Benefit (highly popular and every right so, it does as it says)

*All four mascaras also don’t make my lashes look all spidery (a look I hate) and doesn’t flake.


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