Guide cat helps blind dog

Awww, sweetest story ever!


This story of Pwditat, the cat, helping Terfel, an 8 year old blind pup, melted my heart. See- all you cat haters, CATS ARE AWESOME!!

For the 8-year-old blind pup, Terfel’s life was mostly spent confined in his basket and bumping into walls after being diagnosed with cataracts. After his owner, Judy Godfrey-Brown, let a stray cat into the home, she noticed something remarkable happening. Pwditat walked right up to Terfel’s basket and led him to the garden. Ever since then, Pwditat has been guiding Terfel on his walks and around the house.

Godfrey-Brown also adds, “She uses her paws to help guide him…They are glued to each other and even sleep together now.”

Ugh, I die.

*story taken from here.

Ok, so unrelated to that heartwarming story…here is the final painting of Cosmo. My mother and step-dad were genuinely surprised. They had no idea I was painting this portrait of Cosmo for them and my step-dad actually teared up! It was a really nice moment for all of us.


annnnd I just have to add this funny pic of Fergus inspecting the portrait of Cosmo! LOL, like I said, cats are awesome!



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