Palermo, Sicily

Our time in Sicily was very short and it seemed as though most of the time was spent inside the tour bus as it zipped around the city. It was so short that I only found one small stenciled street art.

We visited Palermo’s Capuchin Crypt and boy was that eerie. Cameras were not allowed in the catacombs and frankly I don’t think I wanted pictures of the dead anyway. Dead bodies of all sorts were lined up against the walls and in glass coffins. Men, women, children, priests, monks, and virgins were divided into categorized halls where some stare down at you as you walk by while some are in posed positions. The bodies are all in different levels of decay where you can still see the skin and hair on them.

Afterwards we were driven more around the city and then stopped at small museum to look at some art. We got back to our ship around late afternoon where my family and I got ready for a yummy dinner. I must say I ate some of the best seafood during this trip than I have ever before. I do go “carnivorous” once in a blue moon and order my steaks nice and rare but I prefer a pescatarian diet.

as we drove by this building I looked up and saw these life-size figurines of turkeys and storks.

the men in Sicily are very friendly. These runners followed our bus for several blocks, waving and smiling as they did their morning jog.

can't say no to gelato!

I set off the alarm to this painting because I was trying to retrieve a water bottle my sister had dropped behind the ropes. I ran away as fast as I could when the alarm went off.

the only street art I was able to find.

escargots. lobster ravioli. delicious trio of desserts (shared of course).



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