Mount Woodson Trail

Let me start off by saying this trail will work your buns off! I had no idea how intense this Mount Woodson Trail was when I joined my friends on an early Saturday morning. You start off by the lake and then hike up the Mt. Woodson Trail and then all the way up to the “Potato Chip” rock. Frankly, the potato chip was kinda small and I wished it was more interesting and larger. Anyway, I took a cool picture of Debra doing her “proud warrior” on it.

I had a good time despite getting at least 2 shades darker (I reapplied sunscreen throughout the hike) and getting a mild case of heat exhaustion. My buns & shins are still sore 3 days later but it was a great workout. The scenery is mostly dust, rocks & boulders, a few shrubs, and dust dust dust. We were pretty filthy when we finished, especially me since I slipped and fell on my bum!

If you decide to go, make sure to bring at least 2 bottles of water, some snacks, wear a hat, and apply plenty of sunscreen. I’m just happy to now say, “I’VE CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN!!”

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